Are You Struggling to Pay Your Debts?

Arrange for dischargeable debt services in Roanoke or Rocky Mount, VA

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is eligible for those who can't make payments on their debts. If this applies to you, turn to Shannon D. Cox, Attorney at Law. We've helped countless clients file for bankruptcy in Roanoke and Rocky Mount, VA. No matter how much you owe, our dischargeable debt services will provide relief for you. Our office will help you determine which assets need to be liquidated so you can start your journey to financial recovery.

Start fresh with Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You can book a bankruptcy consultation when you call 540-420-3565 now.

Learn about the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process

There are several moving parts when filing for bankruptcy. That's why our office is here to help. During our bankruptcy consultation, we'll go over this process in more detail:

  • The courts place an automatic temporary stay on your current debts
  • The courts take legal possession of your property and appoint a trustee
  • The trustee reviews your finances and assets and oversees the proceeding
  • The courts discharge your remaining debts after liquidating your assets

Each case is different, but we'll be sure you understand what's going on at all times. Learn more about our dischargeable debt services when you reach out today.