Bankruptcy Attorney in Rocky Mount, Virginia

Are You in Deep Financial Trouble?

Know When to Call a Bankruptcy Attorney in Rocky Mount & Franklin County, Virginia

It can be unbearable to struggle with debt, and many people wait too long to ask for help. If you're facing foreclosure, asset liquidation, or wage garnishment, you should consult a bankruptcy attorney in Rocky Mount and Franklin County, Virginia as soon as possible. Schedule an appointment with Shannon D Cox, Attorney at Law today.

Shannon D. Cox proudly serves the needs of clients in Martinsville, Franklin County, Henry County, and Roanoke, Virginia. Get in touch today to learn more about bankruptcy and what it can do for you.

5 Signs You Should File for Bankruptcy

Living with debt feels like a never-ending cycle. You should start considering bankruptcy if:

  1. You miss multiple payments, and bills start piling up
  2. You start charging expenses to your credit cards until they max out
  3. You can only make small yearly payments, and creditors begin harassing you
  4. Your cellphone, internet or cable is shut off
  5. You receive notice of foreclosure

Reach out to Shannon D Cox, Attorney at Law today If you've found yourself facing any of these financial challenges. Attorney Cox can help you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Rocky Mount, Virginia, and Franklin County.

Dealing with business debt? Ask about filing for bankruptcy as a business owner or farmer. Attorney Cox serves Rocky Mount, Virginia, and Franklin County.

You do have options that can possibly help you climb out from under your crushing debt. Speaking with an experienced bankruptcy attorney is the first step in the right direction. If you are in Franklin County, Henry County, Martinsville, or Roanoke, Virginia, contact Shannon D. Cox, Attorney at Law and schedule a consultation to find out what filing for bankruptcy can do for you and your future.